Once upon a time

A Brothers Grimm consent training: Raising a feminist on fairy tales


Hi everyone!

Hey! Go check out my last published essay as SAHMurai. This blog finale also marks my debut in MUTHA Magazine, a site I’m very excited to contribute to (check it out!).

Here’s your teaser for the piece:

A Brother’s Grimm consent training: Raising a feminist on fairy tales


A young princess drops her golden ball down a well, then she makes a deal with a frog/enchanted prince in return for his recovery of the ball. Know the one? Pop quiz:

How does the princess turn the frog back into a prince?

  1. She kisses him.
  2. She shares her bed with him.
  3. She hurls him against a wall in fury to avoid sharing her bed with him.

You’d be forgiven for choosing option a., after all, “you have to kiss a lot of frogs,” right? Wrong. You have to attempt literal murder through arm-propelled mural collision.

Here’s the thing: the frog explicitly includes in his terms for retrieving the princess’s golden ball that he be allowed to sleep in her bed, along with being “loved,” and taken as “companion and playmate.”

We want kids to follow through on their promises, right?

Check out the rest right here

Thank you, dear readers for your support. You know I can’t quit you altogether, but SAHMurai must go.

Now, wish me luck in my quest for working motherhood! 





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