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To Do: Piss off white supremacist, neo-pagan, literal femi-Nazis


Image from the site Heathen Women.

This week, while reflecting on the difficulty of finding one’s voice as a white, sheltered ally for people of color, I got the attention of an unlikely group of “feminists” who “aim to return to the ways of our pre-Christian ancestors, secure a homeland for the White race and ensure a future for White children.” The front page of their website, Heathen Women, features the lot of them flashing sunny smiles and Nazi salutes.

Turns out one of these ladies, “ichibanyuki,” clicked on my piece, Here come Concerned White People making black tragedy personal, apparently hoping I was on her side. (GOTCHA.)

Anyway, she wrote a response on their website, which I’ll excerpt here, with annotations.

The Cultural Fruits of Zionist Labor

Hold up. Jews are responsible for my wanting black Americans to not be disproportionately roughed up or killed unnecessarily by law enforcement officers?

In light of the recent attacks carried out by the domestic terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter,

You heard her.

…white guilt is being perpetuated at an all time high. Baseless accusations, vacuous apologies and unfounded remorse are abound more than ever before. I came across an article written by an unemployed Caucasian “stay-at-home mommy” …

They “are abound” indeed. But back up, Sweetcakes, because no one calls me “mommy.” I’m Momma to my kids, and MUTHA to you.

But I’m confused by the derisive tone. Apparently these women home-school their kids in their special blend of Neo-Nazi/Waldorf philosophy through distance-learning technology during coffee breaks at the office.

… she highlights not only her “white privilege”, but makes sure to point a finger at all Caucasians that aren’t … publicly shaming their fellow white countrymen.

Fellow white countrymen, I indeed ask you not to tune out the voices of our black and brown countrymen. If that makes you feel shamed, you might want to look into that.

Now. “White nationalist Heathen women” and every manifestation of fucked-up, White Supremacist bullshit ever spawned by the persecution complex of the already powerful? I do hereby publicly shame you.

She quotes me discussing my very white life:

“No. Let’s say I did choose this segregation in effect, but only indirectly — obliviously — because when I chose my college, my jobs, my neighborhood, I wasn’t actually thinking at all about race. Because I have that luxury. Some call it privilege.”

The layers of justification, shame, obligation, and self-hatred are boundless, and this is only the third sentence in the article. 

Because simply noticing that I rarely have to even think about race amounts to instant self-hatred. Those sneaky Jews!

How weak of a people are we when we unknowingly allow ourselves to be employed by agents of cultural and societal denigration, to benefit a demographic that has nothing but contempt for us and the architects of our Western world? 

And we mustn’t show a moment’s debility! We are VIKING WARRIORS, we! We are daughters of ODIN and we drink our strength from blood of the WEAK and inferior!

[SAHMurai] goes on to discuss the paranoia she and other whites experience prior to speaking out about race-based issues which do not affect her. Not surprisingly, the concerns she pointed out are not inaccurate – ranging from the inability to identify, to the outright inaccurate disparaging of her own race :

“Because this isn’t about me.”
“Because I’m ignorant of the true, lived reality of black challenges and black pain.”

WHAT? So then… was I “not surprisingly not inaccurate” or was I “outright inaccurate”? I think she’s either saying that: a. I do too know the true, lived reality of people I have extremely limited contact with, or b. that by acknowledging that I’m not knowledgeable about someone else’s reality, I’m somehow disparaging my whole race, “inaccurately”?

To downplay struggle in such a way is a result of the fallacious idea that everything is solely race-based and not class-based, reminiscent of Bernie Sanders’ sentiments regarding the inability of white people to experience the very real, intrinsic trials that are associated with poverty. 

OK. That’s a decent, if irrelevant point: Bernie should never have said that about white people and poverty.

But I still don’t know what it’s like to be black.

She pretentiously goes on touting the measures she intends to take to identify and extricate herself from her privilege, yammering on about ways to transform, regurgitate and adopt the “suffering” of modern African-Americans…

“Transform, regurgitate, and adopt the ‘suffering'” … so she thinks I mean to fundamentally change the nature of the black experience, then swallow and disgorge it, and then raise up my mutated vomit of someone else’s pain as my very own?

Well. To be totally fair, I guess I could see how I run that risk. I don’t want to misinterpret or appropriate anyone’s deal. But I’m not sure how challenging racist sentiments, joining in the debate, or mindfully examining my own deal would fast-track me there.

Then she says:

The portion I was personally concerned about, and what inspired me to write this article, was [SAHMurai’s] stance on the upbringing of her children.

Beyond that, I want to change my outer world…

By prioritizing diversity in my kids’ lives.

…By examining the demographics of our [current and] future neighborhoods and schools, and avoiding disproportionately white-dominant settings.”

Awwww… She’s “personally” concerned about my children! That’s SWEEEET. I bet she’s especially concerned about the blue-eyed, blond one.

The amount of disregard for her child’s internal and external life experiences is shameful, and should be considered child abuse.

You heard her.

African-Americans are incarcerated at six times the rate of whites for violent and non-violent crimes ( … By consciously lowering her standards, and choosing to compromise her child’s education strictly to keep up appearances, [SAHMurai] is doing a massive disservice to them … The architype of the mother, and the honor and valor associated with her duties, have no place in the modern society they are carving out for us.

What’s an “architype”? You mean like Betty and Veronica?

No, seriously, the heathen woman’s totally making sense here. Black people are stopped, frisked, arrested, and convicted way than white people (and more roughly, too), and therefore I should never send my kids to any school that might admit “them” and instead keep my kids home to teach them Old Norwegian runes.

Oh, and also HATE.

I know! I’ll start by showing the kiddos the documentary about how Hitler is a misunderstood hero posted on the same web site as this response article.

She goes on to state that she will instill ethnic self-hatred in her children, despite our intrinsic tribalism, and indoctrinate them with the hostile and dysfunctional righteousness of the Social Justice Warrior, all for the sake of virtue-signaling.

Um. Guess I missed where I “stated” all that.

When benevolence is allocated expressly to a specific demographic with the sole reason being the color of their skin and the injustices they have experienced accordingly, the product is disingenuous, stripping the meaning from the actions themselves.

…said the self-ascribed “white nationalist.”

If you found yourself wondering how she plans to go about realizing the glory of her grandiose [Social Justice Warrior] martyrdom, she is more than anxious to pompously explain it for you:

Doing all of this requires ongoing vigilance and, sometimes, a suspension of comfort. And those are genuinely hard things for me to initiate and sustain. Because I’m not used to that. And I speak for my own white self when I say that when I have to do something hard, I sincerely crave acknowledgment, acceptance, validation — even, yes, praise and gratitude. At least feedback.
I’m so used to all of that.
And here, I’m owed none of that.”

Oh, the stately splendor of my vision.

… This is the harvest we are reaping from the latent incubation of Cultural Marxism is our Western world.

“Cultural Marxism”? ….OH! Now I see why my support of unarmed black people not getting beat, tasered, and shot without reason is, in fact, a cultural fruit of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

Hard work, individual diversity and creativity, personal achievements and the like are robbed of their value when we lose the ability to discern between what’s good and what’s bad.


She demonizes and racially pigeon-holes the optimistic expectation of praise after completing a difficult task. I can’t begin to imagine the tasks this woman would classify as “challenging”…

Um: whistling, throwing a frisbee in the direction I want it to go in, remembering where the fuck I put my keys, repeating myself especially to my family more than twice…

But seriously. Although I do believe that I have worked hard at times, I tend to take for granted that my efforts will eventually result in success. And I’m not always proud of my ability to respond to adversity. That was sort of my point.

She concludes with this:

“I’m owed, to quote Malcolm X, precisely ‘nothing’ for all my good intentions, and self-appraised good deeds, and discomfort, and pretty words. Because for once in my life, “making it personal” is not about seeking personal satisfaction. It’s not about gaining something. It’s not even about giving something. It’s about listening, and really responding.
…for a change.”

Ostentatiously quoting Malcolm X, she has now covered all bases in her writing, assuring that no one could possibly accuse her of cultural insensitivity. As long as black lives matter more than white lives (or all lives, for that matter)

(or at all)

…the priority of her child’s needs fall somewhere significantly far beneath the “struggles” of American “minorities”. Kowtowing to the mobs of belligerent, violently ignorant advocates that are calling for the murder and removal of her white American and European brothers and sisters, she and others like her are unknowingly furthering the insidious agendas of the globalists that have long-awaited these sociological results.

This is defeat, repackaged. As long as this warped, masochistic mindset is promoted within our society, we have no future within it.

Aaaand end.

So why have I wasted time, energy, and perfectly good morbid fascination on this? At first because it amused me to do so. But my giddy incredulity gives way to the grim knowledge that, no matter how much I piss them off, this wacky tribe of wanna-be Valkries thinks they are fighting to restore my “valor” and my cultural/socio-political dominance as a white woman raising white babies.

Even when Heathen Woman commentator “Shield Maiden” insists that I should kill myself and jokes about my kids getting gang-raped, I have the benefit of knowing that I’m safe and my family is safe from the most direct injurious effects of white supremacist rhetoric.

Years ago, while studying in Denmark I found it nearly impossible to believe that my literal neighbors were vocal neo-Nazis. I remember naively insisting that people could not be so public about their white supremacy in America. I likely found it hard to believe it even existed at all, in any meaningful way.

Thanks, Heathen Women, for helping me #makeitpersonal.

Because the incredible truth is that, regardless of who these women endorse for president, white supremacists all over the US are regaining strength and raising their voices, largely emboldened by the Trump campaign.

This is why it’s important to be an ally. It’s our duty to take notice, even when it’s easier not to. And to prove correct ichibanyuki‘s prediction that, when it comes to our society, white supremacists like these “have no future within it.”


6 thoughts on “To Do: Piss off white supremacist, neo-pagan, literal femi-Nazis

  1. Dear White Person:

    I am a mixed-race individual.  I don’t care to be more specific, save to say that I am partly White—and therefore not White.  Partly something else—and thus not that something else.  A bit of this, a bit of that, and thus nothing at all.  Just me alone, preordained from the moment of my conception to be a “citizen of the world”.

    I was raised in a Progressive household, especially as to racial matters.  I was always told by my mother that racism is the worst possible evil; I learned to carefully weigh and judge people as individuals, and avoid jumping to conclusions from ignorance or bigotry.  At school, I was given special and quite laudatory teacher’s attention on account of my mixed racial composition.  I did suffer a few isolated instances of racially insensitive remarks from other students, but only on the level of kids who were just looking for dumb names to toss in the heat of an argument; and if you know young kids, you understand that their choice of insult was as arbitrary to them as calling me a “doodie-head”.  Otherwise and overall, I never suffered from any negative effects of racism.

    Thus I believe myself uniquely qualified to tell you the following:

    You were indeed born with a “white privilege”:  That is to say, you have an unbroken connection to the rich cultural, genetic, and historical heritage of your ancestors, who happen to have been White.  A proper synonym in this context for “privilege” is gift, a gift which carries with it a duty to be grateful and to carry it wisely.

    I know whereof I speak, for I have no such privilege.  I have no such gift.  I am not White, not Black, not Yellow, and not Purple With Orange Polka-Dots.

    Muhammad Ali, who aspired to be “The Greatest”, was proud to be a Black man; he said, “I want to be with my own; I love my people!”  Another proud Black man was Malcom X, whom you like to quote; do you understand him, do you understand that he wanted his own and not yours or anybody else’s?  He was proud of his identity and his people; he had Black Pride.  For such proud Blacks, to be Black was a Black Privilege!  But I don’t have what they had, in that aspect; for I am not Black.

    Japanese people and Chinese people each in particular have reputations for being fiercely proud of who they are:  Their race, their respective nationalities, their languages, their cultures, their histories.  They have Yellow Privilege:  An unbroken connection to ancestors who passed them their genetics and their culture as part of a single, integrated package.  I don’t have what they have, in that aspect; for I am not Japanese, and I am not Chinese.

    There is a resurgence in pride amongst Native Americans who want to reconnect to their ancestors and their ancient ways of life.  They have Red Privilege, a privilege of open plains and a Great Spirit.  I don’t have what they have, in that aspect; for I am not an Amerasian.

    I am alone.  I am an atomized individual, a nation of one without a community naturally connected by common heritage.  There are people with whom I identify spiritually and culturally, but I know that I am not really one of them.  My soul belongs eternally to that people’s culture; but my body is a dead-end, twisted in form and riddled with genetic diseases I would be horrified to inflict on my own children.  I can be friends with that people, but never part of their family.  I am always and everywhere an outsider, from the day I was born to the day I will die.

    I also don’t have what you have, in the aspect of Muhammad Ali having his people and a Native American having his tribe.  I don’t have what you have—for again, I am not White.  But for your part, you are not proud of who you are—unlike Malcolm X, or Native American revivalists, or Chinese people who celebrate with those beautiful parades of theirs on Chinese New Year.  You talk about your Whiteness as if it were something wrong with you—about your own ancestors as if they were a curse!  A Chinese person would be horrified at how you degrade your ancestors and throw away your connection to them.  Read Confucius:  All life is about respect for your ancestors.  That is not only “ancient Chiense wisdom”, but ancient wisdom for all people.

    There is nothing wrong with being proud to be White.  As a mixed-race individual, I find that Whites who are proud to be White are remarkably tolerant of me—just as long as I do not pretend to be something I am not—namely, a part of their family.

    You understand very well how Blacks who have Black Pride would feel if you pretended to be an African American, or how Native Americans would feel if you tried to steal their identity for yourself, or how offended the Japanese should be if you were so culturally insensitive as to misappropriate their symbols (or perhaps not; hint: Samurai were not practitioners of Zen Buddhism).  But I don’t pretend; I am always open an honest about who I am.  The very first article I posted on the Internet was an essay about my experience as a mixed-race individual.  I submitted it to a publication run by people who are proud to be White.  They were happy to print it, as you can see; and they were at all times courteous and respectful toward me.  I have been treated with the same decency at other venues of people proud to be of European ancestry.  I feel I have dignity, when dealing with people who themselves have such a dignity and self-confidence.

    As any other people who are proud of who they are, proud Whites focus their pride on the richness of their ethnic traditions.  Europe is like Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations, or a kaleidescope of national colours reflecting a single unifying theme.  Ethnic dress, whether Norwegian or German or Greek, is beautiful and carries with it stories which stretch back beyond historical memory.  European folk music is amazingly rich in its variety; and European classical music is undeniably a spiritual monument unprecedented in the history of the world.  European literature cannot even be properly praised without writing a book about it, so to speak.  Overall, cultural and scientific achievements by Dead White Men are things to be proud of, not ashamed of!  And these are the things which proud Whites care about.

    Of course, like people of any other race, proud Whites care not only about celebrating their culture, but protecting themselves from racial violence.  Genocide against a White ethnic group has occurred, more than once, and it can happen again.  Moreover, like proud people of any other race, proud White people honour heroes who stood forth to defend their forefathers, just as they now strive to protect their children.

    I think that the best world would be a world in which everybody is proud of who they are, and everybody reveres their own ancestorsIt would be a world of global peace:  People who love themselves have no reason to fight each other, whether they are White or Black or Yellow, Red, Orange, or Green.  People can be friends with the “other”, when they are secure in themselves and in their own neighbourhoods, communities, and countries.  This is proven by history.

    I hope that you can learn to be proud of your heritage and your ancestry, as all those people are proud of their respective heritages and ancestries.  You cannot chose what you were born as, any more than can a Black person or a Chinese person; so in your case, you should be proud of your White heritage.  The heritage which yes, you are privileged to have been born with.  Your gift, a priceless gift which should be to you the most precious possession you have!  Treasure the gift given to you by your ancestors from a thousand years ago, which it is your duty to pass on to your descendants a thousand years from now.  A gift which once lost is gone forever.

    At that, I write this for you to read, but not for your sake.  I write herewith for the sake of your children, in the hope that you will teach them to be proud of who they are and thus, your grandchildren will not wind up like me.  I love myself dearly, but I am alone:  A soul cast adrift by the shattering of connections to my ancestors—a man without a nation in the sense of the root, Latin natus—yea whereas other individuals are but drops in the sea, I am but a drop in the desert.  In the only sense which counts, I have neither a past before I was born, nor a future after I die.  Should I live my life for my own sake, I could live and love and laugh until the day I become dead—and then that would be the end of me, biologically and culturally speaking.

    Thus I write herewith for the sake of your grandchildren’s grandchildren, in the hope that they will always and forever keep sacred their connection to their ancestors.  Through their ancestors let them know who they are, and be proud of themselves.

    With due thanks for your time,

    /s/ Helmut Stuka

  2. P.S. as to the comment now apparently queued for moderation:  Although I’m not too much of a believer in debate, I am interested in dialogue; and I offer to publish your reply on my own website, without substantive modification or any of the usual petty Internet tricks (rules: up to 2500 words, no vulgarity).

    • I set it up comments to post without moderation, so I don’t know what happened to yours. I did look at your web site, and though it seems you came by your ideas through earnest rumination and even distress — and I can *almost* grasp at the draw of such a dichotomous, univocal, and self-aggrandizing (exculpatory) worldview — it remains an ideology of paranoia and hate that effectively dehumanizes all but one strangely deified population. I’ve had my share of that. I’m responding only because I appreciate your rare courtesy and, at risk of sounding condescending, I truly hope that you don’t become a danger to yourself or others. Don’t take it personally if I don’t respond to any future messages. I normally welcome civil dialogue, but I’ve nearly overdosed on the abhorrent worldview ultimately animating yours lately.

      • Perhaps my comment was rejected or tossed in the spam bucket for its extraordinary length, or for the number of informative hyperlinks embedded in the text.  This shall be published as an open letter, but I am embargoing it for the moment:

        Open Letter to a White Person
        [Unstated subtitle: From a Person of Mixed Race.]

        Password: ichbinundeutsch

        My offer to publish your reply is specific as to that letter.  I deliberately did not exercise my Heaven-blessed right to link back to you, for the exclusive and pragmatic reason that I know how „the other side“ thinks; I thus knew there was a slight chance a linkback may damage the prospect of a two-way dialogue.  Please advise if you want the link.

        The foregoing link represents my words verbatim as I entered same into your comment form.  I may adjust the formatting, add explanatory material, make it public, &c.; but it will otherwise remain as-is.  And to borrow your words, at risk of sounding condescending:  I didn’t write this for your sake as an individual.  The letter itself explains as much.

        Moreover, I want you to understand that I have a personal policy against what I call „arguing on the Internet.“  The hours and days of my limited lifetime are too precious to be so squandered!  I could do a righteous, point-by-point flamewar teardown of all the wrong things you said in your above post about Heathen Women.  Then we might have a nice little squabble; and you would spend less time with your kids, and I would spend less time listening to Furtwängler’s early 1940s renditions of Beethoven(1) and penning elaborate odes to the greatest leader who ever lived.  „I fight!“—but I believe in choosing my fights, and in constructively opening doors, building bridges, &c. when such might be possible.

        (1. May be found through links in my above letter—at a site which has politically incorrect logos on every page, which I originally found when searching the Net for good music and was not seeking political stuff.  None of which will fit your stereotypes.)

        Oh yes, and at risk of misunderstood sarcasm, I feel like I will grab the guns I don’t actually have and „go postal“ if I get smeared one more time with what real National Socialists deride as the „Hollywood Hitler“ false stereotype.  Truly I am a bigoted, semiliterate ignoramus with some screws loose, who ever stands one cheap American beer away from doing something to give the establishment media a huge headline orgasm.  Gee, thanks for that.  If you were to look outside your own political milieu, you would see that that unhinged acts of random violence are actually the subject of „conspiracy theories“ and very much the opposite of approved.  Not that I am a pacifist; quite to the contrary!  But no, sorry to disappoint you.  And anyway, I am personally much more dangerous through the word than I could be by the sword.

        Though with the word, sometimes I must get down from my high-and-mighty ivory tower.  There is a reason for that.  For example, if you saw my blog, you may have noticed that I spew more raw bile at Trump than anybody who voted for Obama is even capable of doing.  (You may also have noticed that the founder of Heathen Women „Liked“ my „‚Nazis‘ Hate Donald Trump!“ post; I can’t speak for her, but I suppose her Liking speaks for itself.)  As a matter I have written about elsewhere on my blog, I do not wish to commit the sin of being a bourgeois intellectual witling who is unable to connect with the working masses; and that is a lesson I learned from Dr. Joseph Goebbels, a Doctorate in German Literature who sacrificed his literary aspirations to be the campaign manager for the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (German abbreviation NSDAP; the word „Nazi“ was originally coined as an insult by KDP (German Communist Party) sloganeers).

        Feel free to crib my anti-Trump slogans, if you want.  The Don of the Slot-Machine Mafia promises his supporters a Great Wall of America, but will deliver them a Nixon in China!

        And P.S., when I talk about certain groups, it is from the opposite of ignorance.  It took years for me to expunge from my daily vocabulary the odd Yiddish and Hebrew idioms I had absorbed from my living environment during a huge chunk of my adult life.  I note this not to raise the topic in itself, but rather to answer in advance the standard-issue preprogrammed assumption that I grew up in a certain environment, and just parrot whatever I read on the Internet.  Really, try this on for size:  „Between Democrats and Republicans, or Communists and Capitalists, this is a nevaileh and this is a traifeh.“  (Spelt phonetically, and said ironically because both sides are glatt kosher.)

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