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For cooter’s sake! There’s nothing wrong with using nicknames for genitals


I’ve always referred to my 4-year-old’s multifaceted genital complex as her “vagina.” Although that word doesn’t tell the full, fabulous story, it probably is the most accurate global term I can provide for the anatomical structure sometimes known as “down there.”

I’ve always intellectually agreed with women who argue that teaching little ones cutesy names for their genitals is unwise. It trivializes some of their most important parts. It’s confusing. It’s absurd! We don’t call her elbow an arm-arrow or her ear a squawk pot, why should we call her vagina her “bajingo” or “hoo-hoo”?

Let’s demystify these body parts and promote self-awareness, comfort, and safety by calling them what they are. One mother (whose article I can’t seem to find) even suggested that using proper anatomical terms could even help prevent the sexually risky behavior that results in disease or pregnancy. She said something like: “the union of ‘foo-foo’ and ‘willy’ is not responsible for a single pregnancy. But that of vagina and penis is responsible for quite a few.”

Recently though, while attempting to educate my daughter about “bad touch” I started to question this wisdom.




…. you can read the rest as originally published at Blunt Moms.


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