It’s nice out, so now I can make good choices again

its nice out i can make good choices again

The sun is shining and it’s warm enough to open windows, which means that I can finally make healthy, responsible life decisions again.

First, I’m going to drink more water. Maybe even before I dose myself with the usual liter of coffee. Because proper hydration is important, when it’s nice out. Then I’ll stand on the terrace (which I usually call the balcony, but it’s just a terrace kind of day) and soak in the rays.

Next I shall channel my surge of vitamin D-fed euphoria into a flurry of life-affirming activities. Maybe I’ll make the bed. Maybe I’ll  floss. 

Uh-oh, look out. Because, I’m going to start running again, and I’m going to stick with it this time.

After that, I’m going to de-clutter our whole house, letting go of every item that doesn’t add joyful feng shui to our lives.

Then off to garden store to buy cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and fresh herbs for the terrace, which I’m even going to water regularly.

I will find the juicer, and figure out how it works.

In our household, we henceforth practice only non-violent communication methods. All big feelings are welcome. Our children must blossom according to their own natural rhythms, and I shall now honor their creative, willful spirits and not just lose my ever-loving shit screaming when they decide to flood the bathroom, or pee all over the crayons, or throw my new basil plant over the side of the terrace.

I will call my mom more often. (And next time, I will be prepared for Mother’s Day.)

Because today is a revelation. A personal reformation! I vow to get enough sleep, and limit screen-time, and do yoga, and volunteer, and appreciate my children’s childhood, and nurture my partner’s inner child, and nurture my own inner child, and not sweat the small stuff, and maybe even get a job.

I am a New Woman.

All the way until the next week of cold rain or until it gets all sticky-hot, at which point everything will devolve back into chaos and misery.

… with less clutter and fresh cherry tomatoes.

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